Top 10 IPL Players

Top 10 IPL Players 

The IPL will be in its 10th season in 2017 and has come a long way since it started in 2008. IPL also had its share of controversies and applause but the bandwagon continues to move forward strongly.The List is long but we are trying to write about top 10 ipl players who convinced with their performance. 

Let’s have a Smart Brief at some of the tremendous players who have been simply outstanding in  tournament over the last few years and what we can still expect from them in this season.

1. Virat Kohli

He Has Huge Cricket Like his name Virat,his name in Cricket world also at the tremendous height. He is a captain of Royal Challengers bangalore and His brand value is bolstered by his endorsements, youth-icon image and his aggressive game on the field. He has been a part of the IPL for a long time now.He can play the scoop, the reverse lap, the mighty hoick, the switch-hit and almost everything an imaginative cricket brain can think of and he can play them effortlessly.One of the most loved and respected cricketers.

Top 10 IPL Players
Virat kohli- Captain of royal Challengers Bangalore

He is at number 1 position in Top 10 IPL Players 

2. Chris Gayle

A Jamaican left hander and an all-rounder, Chris Gayle got a black mark on his first ever senior tour in 2000. He is one of the only four players in the world who scored two triple centuries in Test series.he is also Great Wall in Royal Challengers team. Gayle’s highest IPL score of 175 not out off 66 balls shows that he doesn’t really care about a certain clan called bowlers. He simply has no respect for them. He has the ability to effortlessly smash any bowler out of the park. As seen these days, he is prepared to play the waiting game as well.


Top 10 Ipl Players
Dynamic Player of Royal Challengers

He is at number 2 position in Top 10 IPL Players 

3 . Suresh Raina

The highest run-scorer in IPL history, Suresh Raina is a force to be reckoned with. He is a left-hander and can swing big shots at the top of his form.He enjoys the IPL the most and his outstanding numbers bear testimony to that.He is a Captain of Gujarat Lions Team. The sun will rise for Gujarat Lions if Suresh Raina rises to the occasion.


IPL top 10 Players
Captain of Gujarat Lions

He is at number 3 position in Top 10 IPL Players. 

4. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh has enough skill in him to take India to victory single-handedly when he is on form. He is considered a limited overs specialist.he is Triumph Card of Sunrisers Hyderabad.The last year was pretty Good for the Sunrisers and they are IPL Champion of Season 9. He is at times questioned for his underwhelming performances but there is no denying the fact that this man is extremely special.

top 10 Ipl players
Key Player of Sunrisers Hyderabad

He is at number 4 position in Top 10 IPL Players 

5. M.S. Dhoni

One of the most popular captains in Indian cricket, he is known for his calm demeanour and unorthodox methods. As a wicket-keeper, his skills promise to become legendary, thown into focus due to the times he has led India to victory across different game formats. He is Super Cool captain of Supergiants Pune. This IPL is going to be a huge challenge for him and he would like to show his tenacity while leading the team as well. He usually bats in the middle order and invariably takes his team to a commanding position with his calculated power hitting strokes.He is also Master of Batting in Death Overs.


top 10 ipl players
Captain of Rising Pune Supergiants

He is at number 5 position in Top 10 IPL Players 

6. Rohit Sharma

He will be leading the defending champions.He has been the spearhead of the Mumbai batting attack for a long time now and Mumbai Indians would dearly want him to be fit and on top his game in every season. he is leader of Mumbai Indian Squad. he is T20 World Champion and that in itself shows his prowess in limited over matches.


ipl top 10 Players
Captain of Mumbai Indians

He is at number 6 position in Top 10 IPL Players 

7. AB de Villiers

He is relatively matser of His Position compared to the other names on this list. As far as his batting is concerned, he could play the floater in the line-up and might come out to bat depending on the number of overs remaining in the game. He is a hard-hitting all rounder and master of developing new Cricket techniques. he can Play 360 degree all over the Ground. he is captain of South African team and key player of Royal Challengers.

top 10 ipl players
Key Players of royal Challengers

He is at number 7 position in Top 10 IPL Players 

8. David Warner

Warner has always been pretty aggressive at the top and he must open the batting with Shikhar Dhawan. If the pocket dynamite is able to give those thunderous starts at the top of the order, then Sunrisers could well be front-runners this time around. He is a Great leader of Sunrisers Hyderabad. Sunrisers Hyderabad became champions of 2016 in his captaincy. Warner Scored 93* Not out to carry the Sunrisers Hyderabad through to the Indian Premier League (IPL) finals. The big hitting Australian batsman’s stock is expected to soar following his smashing 93 from 76 balls and result Sunrisers Hyderabad clinched the IPL 2016 title by beating RCB by 8 runs in the final.

top 10 ipl players
Captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad

He is at number 8 position in Top 10 IPL Players 

9. Jasprit Bumrah

His bowling style has been called unorthodox and batsmen find it hard to pick him quickly.Bumrah has been the crowd’s favourite ever since he started playing with Mumbai Indians. He has been mighty effective with his pinpoint accurate yorkers. Also, with his subtle changes in pace, he makes some of the best batsmen in the world look plain silly while playing him.

top 10 ipl players
Key Bowlers of Mumbai Indians

He is at number 9 position in Top 10 IPL Players 

10. Quinton de Kock

Another South African young Cricketer. Another genius and key Player of delhi daredevils. he can do almost anything with a bat in hand. There is no other cricketer in the world who possesses such extraordinary range of shots. he can also build an innings, when the need of the hour is consolidation. He is brilliant in the field and saves a lot of runs for his team and he can also roll his arm over when needed.


top 10 ipl players
Master Player of Delhi Daredevils


He is at number 10 position in Top 10 IPL Players