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India Vs Pak T20 Cricket :Mohammad Amir’s Thrashed India Team in First Over

India Vs Pak T20 Cricket :Mohammad Amir’s Thrashed India Team in First Over

At the point when everybody thoroughly considered the amusement was after India packaged out Pakistan for 83 in Mirpur, Mohammad Amir evoked an astounding first over to start the Indian pursue. Here’s the manner by which our ball-by-ball reporter depicted the twofold wicket over that had Pakistan trusting once more. 

0.1 Mohammad Amir to Sharma, no run, Pakistan can hardly imagine how isn’t lbw! Amir has rocked the bowling alley a singing yorker, calculating over the privilege hander and afterward twisting back to hit the toe of the front foot. That looks so great. I think Rohit is truly fortunate

India Vs Pak t20 Cricket dharamshala

0.2 Mohammad Amir to Sharma, OUT, Amir has him this time! Another fantastic ball, inclining crosswise over Rohit at pace from over the wicket, pitching on a decent length around off and twisting again into the privilege hander, beating within edge of the bat to collide with the cushion. The umpire takes a while however in the end sends Rohit on his way. Two remarkable balls from Amir. That one is colliding with center stump

0.3 Mohammad Amir to Kohli, 1 run, a more full and more extensive ball outside off, Kohli tries to drive yet gets a thick outside edge to third man

0.4 Mohammad Amir to Rahane, 1 wide, strays down leg side, Rahane misses the look

0.4 Mohammad Amir to Rahane, OUT, another lbw!! Amir is astonishing an incredible first. Rahane realizes that the ball is inclining crosswise over him from over the wicket, he knows it will twist back violently late, yet he can’t make a move. He tries to protect on the leg side, shutting the face a touch, however he misses and gets struck plumb in front. This is knocking down some pins of the most noteworthy expertise

0.5 Mohammad Amir to Raina, no run, Raina is beaten thoroughly first ball. Shy of a length outside off and seaming far from the left hander, he jabs in trust

0.6 Mohammad Amir to Raina, no run, advances and towards the off side to shield one that moves far from him to the bowler

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